Month: December 2018

AWOL Around Australia… Gosford Classic Cars.

December 27, 2018

The car museum is absolutely worth a visit. There is a sign that says everything is for sale, which is a little surprising as there are a few nice little colllections in there of related vehicles. One of the old boys working there said that wasn’t always the case, but didn’t elaborate any further. He […]

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AWOL Around Australia… Border Country And Heading South

Looks like a bush camp hey? Well smoke and mirrors, this was actually at a caravan park in Stanthorpe. They sensibly used most of their open area for cabins and caravans (where the money is) and open up the scub land on the outside of the property just enough for camping. Anyway, we needed to […]

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AWOL Around Australia… Northward Wanderings

December 26, 2018

We took the Solitary Islands Way, past this impressive Sikh Temple. Then hit some dirt roads through the forests heading north. Passing at one point a couple of ‘P plate’ trucks full of young lads – ah, it is ‘schoolies week’ the national celebration for kids who have finished high school. At the small seaside […]

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AWOL Around Australia… Nymboida, Coffs Harbour and the WRC!

December 11, 2018

  N had been helping me navigate, as the roads required too much concentration to be constantly looking at the GPS. So she had plotted an almost all dirt route (to my surprise!) to our next intended destination, camping on the Boyd River in the Nymboida area. This meant taking some, errrm, minor tracks.   […]

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AWOL Around Australia… Northern New South Wales Perfection

December 8, 2018

Refreshed, we headed out. A couple of waterfalls are easily accessible from the main road. Not much in them at the moment, but still some good views.   Back on the dirt, we head up through very pretty farming country, approximately north-east. We headed into Oxley Wild Rivers National Park (named after John Oxley, an […]

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