Month: February 2019

AWOL Around Australia… Across The Bight, The Long Way. Part 1.

February 19, 2019

Just following our noses… A few sandy sections around the back of the salt lake, in front of the sand dunes. However as I’m lazy I just hit them with a bit more momentum rather than let my tyres down further. Then the track headed up into the dunes. Down went the tyres. Getting soft […]

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AWOL Around Australia… The Eyre Peninsula. Part 2.

So, we followed the cliff track further north, in the end it just looped back around to the campsite. We pushed on down the bitumen to Coffin Bay. This Oyster farming community is always worth a visit. One it is the gateway to the Coffin Bay Nation Park, that we explored back in 2016. […]

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AWOL Around Australia… The Eyre Peninsula. Part 1.

February 12, 2019

An easy drive that morning to the town of Orroroo, on the edge of the Flinders Ranges. Made more interesting when we took the old dirt back road, rather than the highway.     There has been rain here too.   Orroroo is a cool country town. I’ve stopped here many time on Flinders Ranges […]

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AWOL Around Australia… East. Then West.

So, as I said we were due to head west from our home town of Adelaide. However, ever since our first dog Alby passed away we (Naomi) had been on the lookout for another pal for our remaining dog, Rollo. Now Rollo is 1.8kg/4lbs and thirteen years old, so we were keen to get a […]

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AWOL Around Australia… An enforced break.

February 1, 2019

So we’ve just spent exactly a month at home. Whilst we waited on various specialist medical appointments to find out what was wrong the the co-pilot. Anyway, all seems to be sorted now, she responded well to the medication that was prescribed. We always intended to be come home for a bit, I had kind […]

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AWOL Around Australia… The Festive Season, and a bit of a hiccup…

A bit of a detour, but we checked out the town of Lakes Entrance the next morning. The town is just another seaside fishing/tourist town, mind you the view of the inlet lakes on the drive in is pretty good.   I was keen to get a handle on this warning light issue. I bought […]

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