My name is Anthony, that’s the ant in rufant. I’ve always liked adventure of many different sorts. These days it’s mostly exploring Australia by 4×4, where I dragged my long suffering partner Naomi to from England, and now drag her around remote and dusty parts of the land. She mostly loves it, I think!

I started documenting these travels in a bit more detail the last few years, and thought it was time I had somewhere to keep and share those experiences. So hopefully you enjoy some of the tales on this site, feel free to leave a comment if you like. There are many more stories yet to write and also new ones planned for the future, plus a bit of variety with some non 4×4 adventures, general motoring and also foodie type stuff in time.

I’m also on Instagram.

If you like the sort of thing we do, here are a few sites you might also like, from some friends and around the globe.

https://overland.kinja.com – this is where I really got into this writing about overland travel. A small but passionate and friendly bunch. No egos or attitudes here, just a great community.

https://www.dirtsunrise.com – non stop adventure machines Tim and Kelsey explore the American South West, instruct at Overland Expo and more.

https://mtdrift.com – Steve and Julie drift around having adventures all over the world. Currently in Gabarone, Botswana. Great quality writing and pictures abound.

http://www.desertwinds.co.uk – Tom Sheppard makes beautiful and inspiring books about his travels in Northern Africa. Not to mention ‘the bible’ Vehicle Dependant Expedition Guide.

http://www.exploringoverland.com/overland-tech-travel – Jonathan Hanson, co-author with Tom Sheppard and Overland Expo curator has his own site where his blog is always knowledgeable and informative.