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This was a weekender down the coast, and then to Mount Gambier for Legend of the Lakes Hillclimb event. On the return journey some pals and I ran the Beachport to Robe coastal track on the way back, Hilux, Land Cruiser and shiny (nearly) new Range Rover!

After coming back from our Best Western tour, I wrote this post about our original ‘overland’ trip in Australia. Way back in 1999.

For much of 2016 and 2017 I did a lot of weekend trips. By then I knew we were working towards bigger things, so meant we got out and about without breaking the bank. This one to Bendleby Ranges, South Australia.

Another weekender. This one to the Southern Flinders Ranges. As much about hiking and driving, it was still a pretty good escape.

Naomi and I found weekend sized adventure not so far from home. The Riverland, in South Australia. More to it than just water-sports!

If you’ve never tried heading out exploring on your own, I recommend giving it a try. It is not for everyone, but if you like it, you’ll discover another flavour in the palette of exploration!

This was a multi-day trip with some friends down to the bottom of Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. To explore the Coffin Bay and Lincoln National Parks.


This was actually my first proper bush trip in the Land Cruiser. Up to the surreal landscapes around Arkaroola, Northern Flinders Ranges. Plus, first a run around the Public Access Routes a bit further south.

This was my first ‘trip report’ proper. I had written things before, mostly on the Classic forum, but this was the first time I set out to document a trip.

As it was at the very excellent Warraweena, I had plenty of good material. I still like going back and reading many of the records of our adventures (and would recommend you document yours for that reason alone), this one especially though.