AWOL Around Australia… Back in the NT

May 10, 2019

Stocked up, back in Kununurra we headed out first checking out Australia’s second biggest man made lake, Lake Argyle. Also round here is the worlds biggest diamond mine. Which is why as you walk into Kununurra’s small shopping centre, there is a diamond jewellery store, seemingly on holiday from inner city Sydney or somewhere. Crossing […]

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AWOL Around Australia… The Kimberley. Part 2

April 20, 2019

We stopped in Kununurra for a couple of nights. Not much got done that first day as we were somewhat bushwhacked after the last few days exploits. First night was a bit wild, with a carry on all night and the sound of someone determinedly trying to break into the local shops (no shops have […]

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AWOL Around Australia… The Kimberley. Part 1

April 10, 2019

So we drove the rest of the highway to Broome. Nice and quiet, good for making sure there are no untoward noises after the service. Also, really great to get so much done and really just peace of mind to know everything you can visually check, seems to be A OK. Especially as after Broome […]

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AWOL Around Australia… The Pilbara. Part 3

April 9, 2019

Come morning I give the Cruiser a decent check over. What with after fly camp extraordinaire last night (where I didn’t do my usual morning checks), and a good two days of rugged trails. I wanted to check that nothing wasn’t untoward before heading out into the bush again today. Bertha wearing a bit of […]

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AWOL Around Australia… The Pilbara. Part 2

April 4, 2019

Heading out from Tom Price that morning. We stopped off at the other side of the National park and had a quick peer into Hammersley Gorge. We were now on the northern side of WA’s second biggest National Park, and so took the road east, a bit more picturesque than the southern, eastern road I […]

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AWOL Around Australia… The Pilbara. Part 1

April 3, 2019

Carnarvon is a produce growing area, despite being on the edge of the arid zone. So we got some local goodies. Fridge and fuel full we headed directly east. Stopping briefly at the ‘Rocky Pool’ a permanent water hole on the road out of Carnarvon. About 180km down the road we hit the small settlement […]

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AWOL Around Australia… The Coral Coast, West Australia

March 27, 2019

Back on the road, we headed east to the North West Coastal Highway. There did appear to be the possibility of some dirt track exploring outside Kalbarri, but the station that would mean crossing had a sign on the gate saying it was shut till April – this seems to be common in WA, I […]

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AWOL Around Australia… Kalbarri National Park

March 14, 2019

Next day we took a short drive around the local area. Mostly to check out the pink lake at Hutt Lagoon, Port Gregory. There are a number of these pink lakes in Australia, in varying intensity of ‘pinkness’. Why pink? Hutt Lagoon is a pink lake, a salt lake with a red or pink hue […]

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AWOL Around Australia… Gold Fever! Part 2

Well, when I got up the fridge was only at 9 degrees. So the Thumper had probably kept it going till about an hour or so ago. The Thumper was totally discharged. So I pulled the fridge off it and ran the car for a short time to bring the fridge back down to temp, […]

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AWOL Around Australia… Gold Fever! Part 1

March 13, 2019

After a good couple of weeks on various parts of the WA coast, we were ready for a change of scenery. Time for some red dirt action! We had coughed up ($50!) for a caravan park at Dongara for our last night on the coast. Being able to camp on grass, whilst also having power […]

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