AWOL Around Australia… The Flooded Desert

June 2, 2019

  Here is a little map for those not familiar with Australian geography. We’ve come across the top west to east, Kununurra, Darwin, out to Nhulunbuy. Then Borroloola and across to Cairns where the pin is. Where we turned around and started heading south-west, detouring to Longreach. Just for reference.   Heading south-west out of […]

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AWOL Around Australia… Turning Around

May 24, 2019

Well, early signs were promising. An absolute beauty of a trail through the hills, between Irvine Bank and Mount Garnet. Nothing difficult, but just rolling dirt tracks. I put Bertha in low range at times, we were still heavy with fuel, etc, so it just takes the load off. The weather seemed to change depending […]

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AWOL Around Australia… Heading East

More dirt road wandering the next day. I had been eyeing up a place called ‘Adels Grove’ on the map. Visualising a rough and ready outback stopover. What it turned out to be was another slick ‘resort camp’. This one full of self important whinging baby boomers, who don’t understand the concept of queuing…“Shocking dirt […]

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AWOL Around Australia… Looking On The Bright Side

May 21, 2019

Whilst driving around Lorella Springs, we mulled over the concept of one man owning so much land. Of course this isn’t the biggest private property in Australia, not by any means, and Rhett is a legend for opening it up and creating what he has. Just the way the world is divvied up, not just […]

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AWOL Around Australia… Lorella Springs Station

May 15, 2019

Next day was chores, as is the case after a big adventure. Laundry, a big stock up at the local supermarket – food shopping in the north is a different experience to the southern parts of this country, especially in country areas. Lack of regular supply, customers, and the cost of freight means variety is […]

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AWOL Around Australia… East Arnhem Land. Part 2

May 10, 2019

Interesting sign on the way in. And it was quite a sight. Worse than any rubbish left behind by even the most feral campers, never ending detritus of all shapes and sizes, so this is what paradise looks like in the modern world if no one picks it up…? The track out was easy, with […]

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AWOL Around Australia… East Arnhem Land. Part 1

Nhulunbuy, is the town at the end of the Central Arnhem Road, in East Arnhem Land. A huge area of traditional indigenous communities, and mostly untouched wilderness. A lazy 657km, mostly dirt road detour from the Stuart Highway. The first part of the road is bitumen, and has a few rises and dips. Which gives […]

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AWOL Around Australia… Back in the NT

Stocked up, back in Kununurra we headed out first checking out Australia’s second biggest man made lake, Lake Argyle. Also round here is the worlds biggest diamond mine. Which is why as you walk into Kununurra’s small shopping centre, there is a diamond jewellery store, seemingly on holiday from inner city Sydney or somewhere. Crossing […]

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AWOL Around Australia… The Kimberley. Part 2

April 20, 2019

We stopped in Kununurra for a couple of nights. Not much got done that first day as we were somewhat bushwhacked after the last few days exploits. First night was a bit wild, with a carry on all night and the sound of someone determinedly trying to break into the local shops (no shops have […]

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AWOL Around Australia… The Kimberley. Part 1

April 10, 2019

So we drove the rest of the highway to Broome. Nice and quiet, good for making sure there are no untoward noises after the service. Also, really great to get so much done and really just peace of mind to know everything you can visually check, seems to be A OK. Especially as after Broome […]

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